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Zamac Solid Perfume Case Officially Launched !

Mar 16 , 2019

Nowadays, solid perfume is more and more popular for perfume lover, and the packing of solid perfume includes plastic balm case, iron balm case, and Zamac Balm Case. Today, let's talk about the zamac solid perfume case that is the most favorite case becuase of its great quality.

Zamac Solid Perfume Case

For Metal Balm Case of solid perfume, it is most important to protect solid perfume are not susceptible to moisture, and zamac balm case can do this very well because it have the magnet design to lock. Actually, solid perfume is not just prfume, it also can be decoration like necklace for woman, and we can stick the rhinestone on the Zamac Solid Perfume Case in order to make it more shiny, if you want simple design zamac balm case, we can do some debossed and embossed effect on zamac balm case, also can enamel the color you love on the surface.

Zamac Solid Perfume Case

Everybody, if you want to customize zamac solid perfume case for your solid perfume, welcome to contact us on our website, and also welcome to see our other products like perfume cap or metal label on our official website.


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