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Standard Zamac Perfume Caps

Jun 08 , 2018

Most of customers would like to make personalized Zamac Perfume Caps, but a small number of customers want to choose the existing standard zamac caps which factory already has moulds. We have few standard zamac Perfume Caps for your options:

LDZC-001: diameter 30mm, weight 51grams, round ball shape, MOQ 10,000pcs

Standard Zamac Perfume Caps

LDZC-002: diameter 32mm, height 27mm with collar, Weight: 39 grams, Cylindrical shape, cap with collar, MOQ 10,000pcs. Printing logo available. 

Zamac Perfume Caps

LDZC-003: Width: 28mm, Length: 28mm, Height: 31mm, Weight: 47grams, square shape, MOQ 5,000pcs, debossed / embossed / laser engraving logo available.

Zamac Caps

LDZC-004: Diameter: 24mm, Height: 27mm, Weight: 25grams, cylindrical shape, MOQ 5,000pcs, debossed / embossed / laser engraving logo available.

Perfume Caps

There are many colors can be made for Zamac Caps, such as gold, silver, black, gun, bronze...both matt or shiny effect is available. Please contact us for more about zamac perfume caps


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