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Shiny Zamac Candle Lids

Apr 24 , 2019

With the development of scented candle products,there are more and more candles brands in market which give us a family scented candle with a variety of styles, and some of brands like plastic packaging for candles, some other brands like glass packaging for candles, today, I want to share our Zamac Candles Lids'information for brands use zamac packaging for their candles.

Zamac Candles Lids

When it comes to zamac candle lids, which is same as Zamac Perufme Cap for perfume bottles, zamac candle lids will be more luxury and weighted than other candle lids like plastic candle lids or glass candle lids. For colors of zamac candles lids,they can be do shiny gold, silver, shiny black, matte black color, etc. And sometimes, some of my clients will send me the inquiry of zamac candle lids, and their candle lids'size maybe are 82mm,84mm or 86mm.In fact, the candle mould size we have are 70mm,80mm,90mm,100mm,120mm,so if you want to know other candle size's mould cost and the unit price, please tell us the diameter of your zamac candle lid and we will reply you the quotation within 5 hours.

Zamac Candle Lids

And if you have candle lid's design, and you want to do the zamac candle lids, come on! Find us now! We will give your the most professional feedback!


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