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Brief Introduction of Perfume Box

Jan 05 , 2018

Perfume box as the name suggests, it is the outer Perfume Packaging. It has the function of protecting red wine for transportation and storage, at the same time, it is good for the Sale of perfume and Perfume Cap.

1.Perfume leather box is made of PU, PVC and other leather, leather packaging is more suitable for the perfume box, it has advantages over the other packaging box on the price performance ratio. On one hand, it can reflect the noble and elegant quality of perfume, on the other hand, it has great advantages in price.

2.Perfume carton box is a more common perfume packaging box, which is mainly used for the packaging of low end perfume. It has great advantages on the raw materials and manufacturing, it is loved by some low end products.

3.Perfume tin box. Some big brands use tin box as perfume packaging. It has relatively large production cost and the quality is relatively excellent. It give people a kind of pragmatic atmosphere feel, mainly used in the men’s perfume packaging.

Perfume Packaging


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