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Special Design of Cosmetic Bottle Packaging

Jan 11 , 2018

The packaging of cosmetics is gorgeous and personable, especially the Perfume Cap. Nowadays, the cosmetics bottles in the shopping mall are packed in various colors, all kinds of styles are all embracing. But it seems that all manufacturers’ cosmetic bottles are similar in packaging styles, there are no outstanding characteristics.

If we can jump out of the idea of the existing cosmetic bottle packaging planning, it will bring the impact to the consumer. Sometimes you can see a bottle of cosmetics series of products in market, the fruit shape is full of gratitude, this kind of packaging is attractive for the first time. And this bottle shaped appearance is neat, consumers can be used it as an ornament or place some change, it is good breakthrough. 

Leaders can do good Perfume Packaging and various perfume lid with new idea and beautiful appearance. Welcome to contact us.

Perfume Cap


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