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Three Principles of Perfume Packaging Design

Jan 08 , 2018

Perfume and various Perfume Cap has different styles of packaging design, while the famous brand perfume designers usually combine three principles to decide the design of perfume, that is: “reflects perfume temperament”, “reflect brand characteristics”, “unique and outstanding, can attract consumers”.

1.Embody the temperament of perfume. Any kind of perfume has its unique temperament, specifically its unique flavor and what theme designers want to express. On the other hand, although the same series perfume use same perfume bottle, they have different colors and design.

2.Reflect the characteristics of brand. Each brand has its cultural connotation and unique design style, and their products will carry the brand mark. The perfume packaging should reflect the brand characteristics, so as not only to enhance the value of perfume, but also play good role in brand promotion.

3.Unique and attractive to consumers. Many consumers will establish the first impression of perfume through the perfume packaging. Simple perfume packaging design can also play unique attraction. 

The three principles are the most important and core principles for Perfume Packaging design.

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