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Popular Color for Perfume and Perfume Packaging in 2018

Jun 19 , 2018

Pantone has announced that 18-3838 Ultra Violet is the Pantone colour of the year 2018.

Perfume Packaging

The official interpretation of Pantone is "psychedelic, exploration and imagination". The essence of this color is inspiration and creation.

There are some of the fragrances that have been released with such pretty Ultra Violet color, such as Serge Lutens De Profundis

Perfume Cap

Katy Perry Purr

Aluminum Cap

Diesel Loverdose

Zamac Cap

Besides these perfume, there are more, you can see that these perfume have something in common, either perfume or Perfume Packaging is in Ultra Violet color.

For perfume packaging, there's no doubt that the bottle can make this color. Caps are also available in plastic like surlyn, ABS, acrylic, PP etc, Aluminum Cap can achieve the color by oxidation. For Zamac Cap, Ultra Violet is not available by electroplating, but we can do it by painting / spraying, or making by enamel or oil filling to make zamac cap with Ultra Violet. 

Would you like to personalized your perfume cap in Ultra Violet color? Please contact us, we are professioanl Perfume Cap Manufacturer


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