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What Kind Of Perfume Packaging Has A Collection Value

Mar 05 , 2019

Today, let's share with you what kind of Perfume Packaging has a collection value:


In general, the sooner the perfume bottle is produced, the more it will be preserved and appreciated, which is the same as all the preservation.

Place of origin

Perfume bottles from different regions record different folk customs, appreciate perfume bottles from different places, and feel different civilizations.


The modern perfume bottle making industry was developed along with the glass crystal manufacturing industry. Therefore, glass and crystal are the main materials for modern perfume bottle planning. In addition, porcelain, enamel, etc. are also often used as materials for making perfume bottles.

Perfume Packaging


The shape of the perfume bottle is now quite rich. In addition to the shapes that can be depicted in squares, circles, hearts, crescents, cones, inverted trapezoids, etc., there are many shapes that are oddly shaped and cannot be drawn in words. For example, some Custom Perfume Caps have a unique design.


The color of the perfume bottle is extremely rich. Generally, transparent perfume bottles such as glass crystal are mostly light colors, such as light lemon yellow, light orange, light green, light blue and so on.


The delicate and elegant perfume bottles play a decisive role in attracting women's visual attention. The appearance of the engraved flower, the wonderful flower bottle cap, and some of the hand-bound bows make the visual art of the perfume bottle and the smell art of the perfume have equal value.


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