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What Are the Keys to the Design of Perfume Bottle Packaging?

Sep 21 , 2017

Perfume Cap is also one of the keys to the design of perfume bottle packaging. On the one hand, the perfume is composed of volatile substances, it requires the perfume lid can seal well. On the other hand, it should be said that the sealing way of the bottle mouth is closely related to the using method of perfume. The appearance of plastic provides a better choice for the sealing of perfume bottle. The designer makes good use of the good elasticity and formability of plastic to fit the glass mouth, so as to achieve the sealing effect.

Fragrance cap is often regarded as the eye of the perfume bottle. To meet the basic requirements of the sealed cover, designer can create a beautiful cap according to the design theme: representational or abstract, transparent or opaque, metal or non-metallic cap, Plastic Perfume Bottle Cap, etc. One point need to note is the man-machine interface must be inverted cone shape, and no edges.

Perfume Cap


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