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How To Improve the Resistance to Express Crushing Rate of Perfume Bottle?

Sep 25 , 2017

For Perfume Bottle Cap Manufacturers, online shopping brings opportunities, but also brings some new challenges. Online shopping perfumes need to be delivered to consumers by courier from the hands of perfume manufacturers. In the process, a lot of perfumes are packed in glass perfume bottles. Glass perfume bottles on the one hand is the traditional form of perfume bottle packaging, and the other side glass perfume bottles compared to some other materials packaging, is more in line with perfume high-end luxury packaging needs. 

However, the glass perfume bottle is fragile, because the various transportation links involved in the express are very complicated. Glass perfume bottles are very easy to crush in the process. To improve it, on one hand, we can improve glass material to make it become more resistant to breaking. On the other hand, in the transportation process to add some vacuum bags and other things, making glass perfume bottles are not easy to crash.

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Aluminum Perfume Bottle Cap


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