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The Present Situation of Perfume Cap

Dec 25 , 2017

At present, the beverage, alcohol security are closely related to people, this technique is generally armed to the bottle lid. Now the cosmetics, toiletries, Perfume Cap is not only beautiful, but also has good anti-counterfeiting technology. Now torsion type, open type and multiple anti-fake wine bottle caps have been widely used by manufacturers, more and more advanced anti-counterfeiting technology will be applied to this field.

As we all know, bottle caps are used for sealing bottles, according to different functions, there are various type of caps with different shapes and operation methods, such as mineral water bottle cap is round and wrung, cans can be drawn by ring. The cap can keep the content products airtight, and has function of anti-theft opening and safety, so it is widely used in bottled products, the bottle cap is the upstream industry of food, beverage, wine, chemical, pharmaceutical, perfume and so on, it is a key product for bottle packaging. In recent years, the demand for bottle cap products market is stable and growing. Overall, the use ratio of Plastic Perfume Cap will be increased.

Plastic Perfume Cap


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