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Technical Breakthrough in Electroplating of High-end Zamac Parfum Cap

Oct 11 , 2017

Most of us love shiny colors and mirror finished for Zamac Parfum Cap, however,although it looks more beautiful, sparkling and elegant, there will be finger print if touching by hands. More troubling is for the real gold plated Zamac Cap with shiny finished, color fading happens if touching again and again after a period of time. So what should we do to solve it? 

Don't worry, we can choose to make real gold plated with matte finished for those zamac parfum caps, see below picture, though it doesn't look shiny, but there won't be any finger print no matter touching how many times, most important is color fading will never happen! 

Zamac Parfum Cap

At present, Leaders can make zamac lids of imitation gold and real gold color with matte finished, which can avoid those disadvantage metioned above and improve the looking, this ensure your zamac lid for your parfum bottle looks more elegant and nice! 

--By engineer of Leaders


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