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A Popular Trend: Magnetic Perfume Cap

Apr 12 , 2019

Since Channel use magnetic perfume cap for “Bleu De Chanel”in 2010, and more and more luxury perfume brands realize using Magnetic Perfume Cap for perfume will be a popular trend of the fashion world.

Magnetic Perfume Cap

The feeling of magnetic cap is comfortable when open the perfume, the click sound, and it can give us an unprecedented sense of security, the magnetic perfume cap are tightly protecting the perfume all the time. Why it is so tightly? Because of magnetic perfume cap's strong magnetism, and magnet cap's magnetism also has grades, the strongest magnetic cap of course is also the highest price, but the strongest magnetic perfume cap can give perfume lover a better feeling when they are using perfumes.

Magnetic Perfume Cap

If you are interested in developing magnetic perfume cap for your perfume brand,welcome to contact us! Whatever standard magnetic perfume cap or Customized Magnetic Perfume Cap, we can give you the best support to proceed your project.


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