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Luxury Perfume Labels Make Your Own Label For Your Perfume 2

Dec 14 , 2018

In the previous article we introduced one of the Metal Label For Perfume Bottles to one of the Zamac labels. In this article we will continue to introduce you to the remaining three Metal Labels.

2. Brass perfume labels can be made with debossed logo, logo can filled with enamel which show different color. Brass can be plating different colors.

Brass Perfume Labels

3. Stainless steel labels logo can be debossed, printing on stainless steel, see below examples:

Stainless Steel Labels

4.  Aluminum perfume labels, aluminum labels are the cheapest among the four, debossed and embossed logo are available, any color on surface is available. But the surface isn't as shiny as other material. The thickness of aluminum label is thin, in generally, we make 0.3MM to 0.8MM.

Aluminum Perfume Labels

If you would like to make your own label and Perfume Packaging for your perfume, please contact us at any time.


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