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Graphic Design And Printing Key Points Of The Fragrance Metal Lid I

Sep 10 , 2018

Fragrance Metal Lid are widely used in fragrance packaging. In supermarkets, we can see a variety of perfume cap structure and copy color, conciseness and overflow, so that we will go from our respective professional structures. Inductive summary, and thus inspired.

First, creative design of Fancy Design Plastic Cap


  Composition, centered, indicating stability, center, taste. Mainly in words, can highlight the name of the product;

2. Text

The text not only has an important role in explaining the nature of the goods, but the text itself is also an indispensable visual image. The general requirements for the text: the font is clear, clear, the meaning is easy to read, easy to understand, the fonts and ideas of the text should be novel and can attract the attention of consumers. The artistry of the text makes the brand information convey a unique style of charm, showing the product's freshness, activity, exquisiteness, tenderness and boldness in a limited 2-9 characters.

Fragrance Metal Lid


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