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Design Container For Enhancing The Glamour Perfume Packaging

Nov 12 , 2018

From a practical point of view, a perfume product, a Perfume Packaging design container is designed to better protect the liquid. The unique container not only attracts the buyer's desire to purchase and can reflect its value, but also determines the mission of reducing the volatilization rate of the perfume in the choice of materials. Nowadays more and more people like to collect Perfume Packaging China. It is obvious that the meaning of packaging at this level plays an important role in the artistic expression of perfume.

The design of the packaging container mainly considers the changes in its space and shape. The perfume container does not require a large storage space, so the change of the shape plays a key role in the unique design.

1. The practicality of packaging container design should be the first consideration in design. The natural properties of the contents in the structure and shape are practical and concrete. For example, due to the volatility of the perfume, the bottle mouth of the perfume bottle should be smaller, which can make the fragrance last longer, and it is easy to control the dose when poured out. Then the Perfume Cap is also necessary.

2. Packaging container design also needs to consider the specific location, conditions and relationship with the environment, giving the packaging container different characteristics, so that the design enters the intended target market. Perfume is a kind of carry-on item, and as its own fashion nature, perfume packaging is not only small and convenient, but also needs exquisite and beautiful as a fashion accessory.

Design Container For Enhancing The Glamour Perfume Packaging 1


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